Who She Was – I

Allow me some time to introduce my mother to you. She was a divorcee. She worked as a secretary in the banking industry. As a young child, I’ve never seen her vulnerable, never seen her tear. I’ve only seen her strengths, her beauty, her pursuits. She lived a vivacious life. She dabbled in swimming, singing, […]

The message

This is a story about a girl who lost her mother to cancer. She was 16, her mother was 46. This happened some twenty-over years ago. This story is about me. One of the reasons I wanted to start writing and putting my imperfect choices of words and strings of sentences out here was prompted […]

There, like, FINALLY!

10 years ago, jill-writes.com was the platform that gave words to my thoughts. It was the place where I documented life in Dubai as an expat’s wife and mum to a baby girl. But over the years, laundry, kids, procrastination, life took over and I was doing nothing (for the site) except paying for domain […]