The message

This is a story about a girl who lost her mother to cancer. She was 16, her mother was 46. This happened some twenty-over years ago.

This story is about me.

One of the reasons I wanted to start writing and putting my imperfect choices of words and strings of sentences out here was prompted by an article I read 2 years ago. Written by a teenager, it was her account of going through life with her cancer-stricken mother.

Little girls losing their mums in their young and formative years suffer beyond the initial grief of losing a parent. There’s a void when we go through puberty, boy drama, graduation, work life, wedding, marriage, pregnancy, child birth, postpartum, parenting and I believe, till forever more.

There are many teenagers who are going through the same frightful, dark and lonely journey – the hospital treatments, the caretaking and the ultimate unknown. I wish to share about what I went through in the hope that it’ll help some young people journey through the difficult days, months and years of having to watch a loved one battle through a life-threatening illness.

It’ll be written in the form of short stories, snippets of whatever memories I still have in 3 main timeline – life before my mother had cancer, the years battling cancer together with her and life now (for me) after she’s off to a better place.

Yay or nay? Truth be told, I am very apprehensive in posting this up. Fearful, even, of putting my vulnerabilities out here and of the possible misconception that I am doing all this out of self-pity, going on and on like a broken record.

What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “The message

  1. You know that feeling you get when you read something and think, “I feel EXACTLY the same!” And you feel less alone. You feel like finally someone understands.
    Your stories are gonna touch hearts. Can’t wait!

  2. Heyyy madame! Just wanna let you know that I read your posts and will continue reading. For one, your English isn’t embarrassing at all la pleaseeee.

    About the latest post, I was actually really thinking through the last paragraph. Vulnerabilities and misconception.
    To be able to pen down your vulnerabilities, fears and thoughts even is a strength in itself. The kinda strength you have and will find more in yourself and those that will be channeled to your readers.

    Misconception, this exists in literally everything so why let it stop you from having the freedom of writing what you want to write?

    Go for it!!! I’m a fan already <3

  3. I can immediately think of someone who can be benefited from your real stories and struggles. No pretense. Real. Honest. Vulnerable. But at the same time, powerful and impactful.

    Go Jilly Go!

  4. Been 18-19yrs since you shared this part of your life story with me; was blessed by it then, am still blessed by it today. Keep writing babe, we’re all ears! 🙂

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