There, like, FINALLY!

10 years ago, was the platform that gave words to my thoughts. It was the place where I documented life in Dubai as an expat’s wife and mum to a baby girl. But over the years, laundry, kids, procrastination, life took over and I was doing nothing (for the site) except paying for domain and hosting. Overtime, the site was infected with virus and consequently died a bad death, taking away all my precious words and pictures.

I grieved.

When I wanted to re-start writing, there were many excuses that held me back – I needed tech help, my English is sometimes embarrassing, how much exposure should I allow for the kids, the laundry, what should I name the site, the struggle within on why would anybody bother to read stuff I write, the monkeys, etc.

And then she said it. “I want to support your writing. I will sort out all the technical stuff for you. What name do you want? What design? What font?” And in just a matter of days, THIS was set up. Laverne, you’re amazing, you know that?

So here I am – still tech challenged, English still embarrassing, still can’t decide on how much I’ll write about the kids, still don’t know who would bother to read stuff I write, but hey, I have a name alas. So, with this post, I present to you,

If you’re reading this, do drop a comment to say ‘hi!’.

22 thoughts on “There, like, FINALLY!

  1. Congrats babe!! Since you’ve taken the first step, leave the rest to Him! ❤️ and I can now come here for free parenting tips! 😬😘

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